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John Rocha Fall/Winter 2014 Details, LFW.
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The solar system upon my forearm
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And i know i have to stop craving someone who doesn’t even know me too well, but when i saw you i just couldn’t help to let myself fall. You had every characteristic i could ever want in a person. I will probably never see you again but i every time i think of you my heart flutters and i smile like an idiot. 

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Complications are extending and intertwining and connecting. No more prescriptions, doctors, referrals please i just want to be supported. I want to be able to do normal things without all these ethic, emotional, and legal complications. I’ve been at rock bottom so long dreaming of brighter days, and I actually began to believe it for a while. Then nightmares strike, and wake me up and make me realize I’ve been going in circles from the same things that have still had no closure. It makes me quiver and anxious and i can’t do anything right. I can’t escape anywhere not even to my own mind. There’s nothing outside of school and home that is making any sense and gives me any sort of safe and security. 

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How i do
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I scrolled for 35 minutes just to find this gif
On the other hand, Craig went to my primary school and I bet you’re all jealous that I could walk to his house in less than 5 minutes 

ive always dreamt as having my bed like that in the ocean 
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Deluge (2009), David LaChapelle
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Gerhard Richter ’22.1.2000′ (Firenze)
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